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Music Programs for Seniors, Children and the General Public
Linda Lubell is a versatile performer: actress, singer/songwriter, folk singer, storyteller and educator. Her music has been heard all over the city of Chicago for the past 20 years, from concerts, festivals, weddings, senior centers, children's venues and coffee house listening rooms. Her voice is rich and vibrant, filled with great resonance and emotion.  She has a knack of connecting personally with her audience in a down to earth and candid style. From traditional folk music, interpretations of contemporary artists, and her own original music, she provides a treasure trove of songs for each performance.  Linda's popular folk CD, "Perfect Heart", is available at

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Senior Concerts

Twelve years ago, Linda Lubell flashed on a fantastic and fulfilling concept.  She decided to take her rich and vibrant voice along with her love of a good folk song to Senior Centers throughout the area of Chicago. She has created many diverse programs filled with well loved songs from different genres to enrich the lives of the elderly.  It is a truly meaningful concert experience.
From preschools, churches, festivals, parties, and all the way to Millenium Park and Old Town School of Folk Music, Linda Lubell has been delighting children and families with her outgoing smile and fantastically magical performances.  Children adore her concerts, classes and parties.

Children's Venues

Concerts for the General Public

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